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To make a donation, call the Kids Educational and Mental Health Network at 707 644-6500. Helping a child succeed in school is one of the best gifts you can give them for a successful life. Children with Mental Health problems need your help.

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Kids Educational and Mental Health Network have new plans for the year 2014. Our plans are to begin a scholarship program so that we can work with children who have Educational
and Mental Health problems. This can help children with disabilities have one on one teaching in smaller classrooms.

One out of every four children has type of mental or learning disability. These numbers are growing yearly. Schools are unprepared to manage or deal with children that are diagnosed
with the following disorders:

* Reactive Attachment Disorder
* Fetal Alcohol disorders?
* Bipolar Disorder
* Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
* Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

Children diagnosed with these disorders also are challenged with learning disabilities and even social problems. What happens to these children? Most of them get lost in the school
system with little or no help. Over ten percent (to be exact 10.9%) drop out of school between ages 16 and 24. What is the future for the children? Most of them become unemployable and go on to a public assistance program, while others end up in prison. Our goal this year is to set up training programs that consist of educating the teachers, parents and social workers about mental illness and learning disabilities. Having children tested and working out a treatment plan for parents, teachers and the psychologist will better help the child succeed in life. Most of the children we work with come from drug abused homes, or are under privileged where parents do not have the money or the insurance to get them the help they need. It costs American taxpayers $30,000 per year to support a prisoner, and yet for less than half of that over a five year period, most of these children could be helped and become responsible adults. My question for you is would you rather help them now while they are young, or do you want to have the prison system deal with them after they are adults?

This coming school year, we are hoping to raise the fund to have  Jackie Jones, and a child psychologist be here to work  with children who have Individual Educational Plans. that. Below are some of the goals that you should be looking at  if your sending your child to a private school.:

They should be serving students who:
* Are not achieving in the areas of language-reading, spelling, oral and written
* Exhibit symptoms of dyslexia?
* Are struggling to achieve in the classroom?
* Show a weakness in the auditory and/or visual modalities?
* Are struggling in the academic area of math

We will make every effort to make sure that we are:
* Mapping student`s educational future.?
* Promoting academic excellence and leadership.?
* Creating a bond between school and community.?
* Bringing a new sense of possibilities to students.?
* Teaching problem solving and cooperation between students.|
* Transforming students to become future leaders?
* Proving excursions to cultural events and attractions.

We have also want to have the opportunity to train teachers and parents on Autism, Reactive Attachment Disorder, ADD, and ADHD. Jackie Jones, a Special Educational advisor, has tested some of the children and helps them with their learning disabilities. To date these children are succeeding in school. Dr. Burk, a psychological advisor, has also organized and structured essential work testing and talked with the children who have emotional problems. If you have a child with problems in school, contact Kids Educational & Mental Health Network and see if we can help. 707/644-6500

Welcome To Kids Educational and Mental Health Network Our focus this year for Kids Educational and Mental Health Network will center on helping children with educational and mental health problems. If your child is one of those children who don`t meet the requirements for and Independent Educational Plan (IEP) and you are unhappy with the education they are getting try contacting 707 644-6500 or Kids Educational & Mental Health Network or contact us at www.kidsedmhnet.org


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